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One more reason not to jump to Vista

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The news poped on my radar thanks to a french computer news website. (Clubic post: Vista glitches for EAX)

The new Vista audio stack doesn't allow the use of an hardware mixer. Which means that EAX is no more available. Basically it's DirectSound 3D only... One giant leap backwards.

Back in the days of Unreal (the first one) I switched from an ISA SoundBlaster AWE 32 to a PCI Aureal Vortex 1. I was like I removed earplugs and just started to ear sounds. The sound clarity was unbelievable, the positioning was shocking... but it became really impressive with my next soundcard the Aureal Vortex 2 under Half-Life/Counter Strike. In CS I was able to precisely locate enemies just by the sound (occlusion, reverbs, muffling,...). It was so impressive that I could almost fire with my eyes closes. Then Creative carpeted Aureal under a boatload of trials, Creative bought Aureal and I got stuck with EAX ever since.

So not only Vista will have 10-15% lower frame rate it will also lack decent 3D sound. So Vista takes me back in 1998... sound quality wise. :)

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Likewise, on the laptop sound front, TVS doesn't work with Vista either.

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