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help with drivers for vista


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hey guys

i really hope you can help me..

i need Geforce go 7900 gtx drivers for windows vista 64 bit

and i have look every where.. but does anybody know when they

are going to be release.. or is there a way to get around it..

because i really dont wanna install windows xp 64 bit

but if i have to, let that be it. is there any drivers somewhere

or the Geforce go 7900 gtx to the 64 bit version of windows

best regards


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Are you familiar with search engines?

There are plenty of Vista 64 bits drivers in the 9x.xx section.

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you are a funny one ha???

tell me why it does work... the driver that is out there rigth now is for

the normal geforce cards NOT GEFORCE GO

But if you are soo good that you can get it to work

PLZ tell me

and how you do it

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Take my hand and follow my lead...

Do you see the nVision link in the top left area? Click on it...

Then click on Release 90's....

Then click on a driver that says Vista and 64 bits... like the 97.34.

Then get some rest from that REALLY DIFFICULT and TRICKY ACTIONS.

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And next to that download link there is a link to an INF, download it and look in the FAQ sections for a guide on how to use it.

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Fabrice Roux, you are a smart arse. I really doubt the OP wanted that kind of response.

When someone fail to see the obvious, fail to follow simple forum guidelines, fail to use search function, fail to use its brain ressources... you are either facing a lazy or slow/retarded person.

I guess it's the former... therefore in order to get the "very difficult to master" search engine procedure thru their thick skull to need more than just cuddling, sweet talking, taking them by the hand and walk them to the 9x.xx driver section.

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