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hi Pieter did some research on OC:

someone wrote:

"Theres a difference between hardware level overclocking and soft overclocking i think. in riva tuner, there is an option to hardware overclock, but its greyed out (i think it might be fo ATI cards)

Got this reg tweak from guru3d.com :


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENVIDIA CorporationGlobalNVTweak]"NvCplEnableAGPSettingsPage"=dword:00000001




Unlocked two new sub-menus, but not the hardware page. Still no temp menu, Ive triple checked the manual, and it clearly

says that the "advanced thermal monitoring and thermal management" feature is for both the 5600/5600 ultra. Im really confused:confused: have you guys ever seen a "hardware" page in the nvidia control panel?"

Second i still have no OC page in 52.16/11.62, so i tried different settings for coolbits: 1,3,15,fffffffffff. But nothing works.

I did some research with regmon from sysinternals cuz i was curious what registry entries NVHARDPAGE is touching when changing the Core or mem speed and i thought i could track down the right value for coolbits.

I found out that the "Simpsons" values in the Registry reflect the actual and the default core and memory Speed.

After searching in google i found this:

Q: What are these Simpsons related registry keys that I just found (Bart, Homer, Krusty & Marge)?

A: They're all to do with the overclocking tab that is enabled in the NVIDIA control panel with Coolbits (see the 'How can I enable the overclocking utility in NVIDIA's drivers?' question for information on Coolbits). They are stored in the

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SystemCurrentControlSet\Services\Class\Display\000\NVIDIA\NVTweakHardware registry key and are set when you first tick the 'Allow clock frequency adjustments' box in the NVIDIA control panel and are asked to restart

Maybe thats the value we are searching for to let the tab appear in the CPL: "Allow clock frequency blabla"

Additionally there are some errors in 11.62 inf under:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARE\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NV\nView

just open it and you'll see. Something wrent wrong with the format in your inf, how to add these values to the registry. Check the folders "Tweak", WindowManagment" and the folder below that.

have to finish now, nightshift is over now, bye

keep the good work goin on

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