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I have a Dell XPS M1710 with a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS, and I am having problems with my Svideo out. I have a component adapter, that has 4 rca jacks on it. I am trying to display my desktop on my TV, through an rca cable, but the picture is black and white. Why is there 4 jacks on the adapter, down into one on the TV? I realize that this has nothing to do with the sound, it is entirely seperate, and I have it working fine. I read a similar post on how to fix the problem, but my NVIDIA control pannel is so much different that I couldnt find the settings that it said to change. Has anyone with a 1710 fixed this problem? Does anyone else have any solutions?


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Let me rephrase some stuff... I spend the day with my 9 month old girl and I'm pretty exhausted.

You have one laptop with that came with a component out cable. On the other side you have a TV with a composite input. (yellow RCA) Using just what you describe there is little chance that it would work. Unless the driver allows to redirect a composite out on one of the component connector.

I guess that your TV doesn't have a component in... so I assume that you only have 2 options left SVideo and composite.


- component: Red, Green and Blue signals are separated. (Max quality in analog, found thru the SCART connector in Europe)

- svideo: luminance and chrominance signals are separated. (best quality usually available in the US)

- composite: only one signal that mix luminance and chrominance. (worst quality, the edge and color bleed)

The best option is to use a SVideo connector between your laptop and your TV.

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When you need to feed a good quality projector or TV.

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