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Synaptics cPad reloaded... now coloured, able to play Solitaire or MP3s and called SideShow


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Windows Vista SideShow technology enables laptop manufacturers to include a secondary or auxiliary display in future laptop designs. This display can be used to easily view the critical information you need, whether the laptop is on, off, or in sleep mode. The convenience provided by these auxiliary displays will save time and battery life by allowing you to quickly view meeting schedules, phone numbers, addresses, and recent e-mail messages without having to start up your laptop.

Quickly access the key information you need like appointments, key e-mails, or notes without turning on your laptop using Windows SideShow.

The Windows Vista SideShow platform will also enable hardware manufacturers to build auxiliary displays in a wide range of peripheral devices such as keyboards, LCD display casings, remote controls, and cell phones. These devices can then display information received from a Windows Vista-based PC, providing even more convenience to your everyday computing.

The first notebook featuring a SideShow LCD is the new ASUS W5Fe:


The W5Fe's auxiliary display is a short cut to viewing a wide range of information, including meeting schedules, phone numbers, addresses, and recent e-mail messages. This comes as a very handy tool when, for instance, one needs to take a quick look at the meeting agenda in a crowded elevator. On the entertainment front, the outer display can be used to view photos, play music and games such as Solitaire. In addition, SideShow can even act as the mobile navigation device and guide the way with map display! To stay on top of the ever fast changing technology world, the W5Fe is definitely the next hot digital gadget that guarantees powerful processing, sleek design, seamless integration and even a quick peek to important data without opening the notebook. Enjoy the new-edge computing with an extra degree of human factor.

Read the whole specifications of this notebook HERE.

If you are interested to see what was possible already in 2002 (release year of the first TOSHiBA 5xxx series featuring exclusively the Synaptics cPad) have a look in THIS thread showing a cPad enhanced with sn0wl's cPax tool.

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