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Vista RTM, Quadro4 700 goGL Problems


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Ok I must be the only one haveing this prolem. Here is a quick system spec

Dell Inspiron 8200

Quadro4 700 GoGL

1 gig ram

Vista RTM (6000)

Ok so it will install with Dell drivers, and I will get it to work but hardly at that. I have tried all the new drivers that support it and all it does is report that it SUCCESSFULLY installs and after reboot nothing. In the Device manager I just get a Exclamanation mark and a error 42. I can't get Vista to work up any kind of updated drivers. Error 42 just means that windows detected errors with the hardware. Any guesses? Anyone else using this card and vista with any of hte 90.** drivers?

Any help would be great.


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You should at least know that that card cannot currently run Aero in Vista.

I can't help you with Vista drivers though, most of us with older cards have never had any luck either so far.

As for XP though, John's INF with a driver is a pretty good combination.


Maybe somebody else can offer up a suggestion. The NV28 should be able to run older games and basic 3D acceleration in Vista.

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Hey thanks for the heads up. I wasen't expecting Aero to work, but I was hoping to be able to have duel monitors and control over the advanced controls. Grrr. Maby in a couple months (Like 6)....


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