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mobile v97.52 for VISTA is out - TOSHiBA first to release 95series VISTA drivers supporting mobile NVIDIA GPU (Go Xxxx)


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v97.52 for VISTA (supporting Desktop GPUs only) was first posted in the internet in our dedicated driver forum a few days ago and as always a few hours later our corresponding modded INF was provided for both Desktop and Notebook NVIDIA community. Today a new v97.52 release for VISTA 32bit was found by us over at TOSHiBA. Including the recent TOSHiBA v97.54 VISTA 32bit release -we also found and posted first- they already offer 2 VISTA drivers for their customers now a few days before the official VISTA launch - where are all the other big players like DELL, SONY and HP? Or did we miss a release?

What we did: we merged this driver with the release we were already hosting, repacked & reuploaded the complete driver package, now including an additional NVTS.INF plus a few more files. This procedure is done since about 2 years and exclusively available only @ LaptopVideo2Go in case you haven't noticed it yet :) It results in the most complete and compatible NVIDIA drivers regarding MultiLanguage availability and the support of original OEM/ODM settings for GPUs. It also ensures maximum driver install compatibility for mobile NVIDIA GPUs... as in most cases those new found INFs hold SUBSYS_IDs and the corresponding settings for each device for those people who like to use the original OEM/ODM INFs. Some also may not be convenient using our modded INF although that makes no sense as already the whole globe is even using it as foundation for their modding skills. The drivers are easily downloadable for everybody in one package. No need for Guests and Visitors to register.

For those who like stick with OEM/ODM releases only (company/boss doesn't allow to install modded drivers or driver should always be WHQL):

We are working on a database -accessable for all- which DEV_ID/SUBSYS_ID is included in each and every NVIDIA driver release. We already had it online several months ago for testing reasons so spread the word... and even more to come... the next 100 series driver release is already waiting in the wings and soon available here for everybody.

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