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3d profile settings don't save!

Guest dzjepp

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Hi, I am running forceware 97.44 w/ custom inf (the one from this site). Well I guess I might have done something dumb because when I cleared the nvapps.xml file (not deleted though) my custom app settings fail to load. I cleared that file because I wanted to start from my own apps, I didn't want the entire list. I can add an app, apply settings etc. but when I re-open the control panel the settings are gone. I made sure nvsvc32.exe / nvcpl is running (they are set too boot automatically).

I am guessing I messed up when I cleared the nvapps.xml file where I shouldn't have touched it? :)

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Ok by following the layout of the xml file it seems to work ok. :) But you have to actually CHANGE some settings different from global, otherwise the app will be added to the xml file but it won't show up on the list (I guess this is by design).

Also, my custom profiles add these lines automatically after saving:

<PROPERTY Label="gamma_correct_aa" Value="0"/>
[tab][/tab][tab][/tab]  <PROPERTY Label="sli_aa" Value="51621660"/>

The first line shows up as an error when looking at profile via control panel and the second line, well I don't have sli so I dunno why it's there. :o Is it ok to delete these?

Also this is my first time using profiles on an nvidia card, I remember on my ati card w/ custom profiles the entire screen would flash (indicating a change in some settings, like aniso and aa). But here on my geforce 7400go there is no screen flash. Is this normal under nvidia? I just want to make sure the settings are are taking effect.

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