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x86 Vista, Go 7900 GS (2), and Performance

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I recently aquired Vista for my Alienware m9700. This system is SLi capable, with two 512MB GeForce Go 7900 GS graphics cards. So far, I've only been able to get Aero to work using the 95.61 drivers for Vista. Further, I can't get SLi to work!

Does anyone have any idea what drivers are best for this setup in Vista, that can allow me to use Aero? I'm also trying to figure out what drivers will give me the best performance for WoW. Thank you!


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It appears that this driver is not WDDM capable (or whatever you call it), since Windows won't let me turn on Aero. *sigh*

Thanks for the help!

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I've messed around with this some more - I still am not getting the performance I was getting on XP SP2 with the older 84.x version drivers. I don't mind not having SLi, but what I'd really like is decent performance in WoW, and Aero to work in Vista. In the 100.x series drivers, I can't get Aero to turn on, and the performance assessment fails due to an error (that it doesn't describe). I've tried the 80 series drivers on my system, but after the driver loads all I get is a black screen - I have to boot into safemode and remove the drivers before I can boot into normal mode again.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to handle this? Any success stories getting decent performance on a Go 7900 GS in Vista with Aero?



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