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gpu driver doesn not work


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Hi. My laptop Toshiba 5200-701 was microsoft updated to Xp home Sp2 quite a while ago. DirectX was was also upgraded to DirectX 9.0c. But now i have no control over my nvidia driver. there is nothing there in desktop settings, advanced. just microsofts compatible 36.35 driver. I read bills driver recommendation thread and read how to download driver 8421 and download modified inf file, copied it into the extracted folder and then installed through device manager bewing careful following his procedure, however when driver appeared to install, windows prompt to reboot. I did but i just got quick BSODS which i couldn't read and windows start normally or last good settings screen. when i booted as windows normally i kept getting bsod. so i started last good settings, the driver does not appear to have installed correctly. microsofts 36.35 compatible driver is back to haunt me again. I'd apppreciate any help thanks.

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I have uploaded a nerd log file. If its any help in troublshooting my problem. Once again I really appreaciate any help or knowledge from any1. Thanks alot!


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Something is also wrong with your Synaptics Touchpad driver.

Try reading THIS thread (first post), then download recommended drivers for GPU and touchpad, uninstall both and cleanly install both drivers

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