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Toshiba Satellite P25 - Bios cpu micro-code update

Danny V

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Hello to all of you,

I see that there is no BIOS update under the topic "TOSHiBA mobile BIOS Update list 2004-2007, updated 2007-01-27" for the Toshiba Satellite P25 Series laptop (P25-S670, P25-S676)........

I have a Toshiba Satellite P25-S670 laptop, and what I need is help where to go to get someone to program a cpu microcode update for an intel P4 Extreme SL7AA 3.2GH/2MB/800FSB. The P25 series laptops have a phoenix Bios, I have (4.0 release 6.0) phoenix bios by Toshiba, I call them Toshiba Tech support and they said that they are not interested to create a new update but the engineer (level 3) at Toshiba hardware bios support said that the P4 SL7AA spec are ok to work with this laptop, so he said that they don't create updates unless there is 2000 or more requests, he said to find a programmer who knows how to program bios cpu microcode patch updates.....

Please if you can help me on how to resolve this issue it would be great!!!

Thank you for your time!!!


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Cool have the same problem with Toshiba P20, any solutions or tweaked bios? now using phoenix bios v. 2.10

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