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Special update on using Vista with Alienware


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Someone has asked so I guess I'll say it.

I am not going to support Windows VISTA in any way!

As this may seem a bit ironic I have chosen to not use Vista due to the aspects that have turned VISTA into a very non-user customizable system, like XP was. My reasons include the lack of audio API hardware acceleration outside of OpenAL, the big brother aspect of how it monitors your hardware and software, and the fact that VISTA is a major system hog and has way too high a requirement for my own system to operate with at maximum efficiency on Ultimate Edition. Not only that but to get Vista on my current system would require at least $1000.00 or MORE worth of upgrades I can NOT afford. I will accept donations however if you are willing to help me upgrade my Area-51 m5500 to it's maximum potential but I know nobody will do that but the offer stands.

I am eventually going to remove my Windows XP and switch over to Slackware Linux 11.0 soon anyway as I am looking for something more customizable and not designed for the non-computer literate people of our society.

Basically I seem Windows becoming MAC-ified as I view MACs as "PCs for Idiot". You can quote me on that.

Linux in my opinion is more user friendly in function and design than Windows anyway and is less a headache to deal with minus the lack of software and gaming ability Windows offers but WINE the Windows API emulation Layer for UNIX does give some functionality to many ports of Windows software if it is needed and CrossOver Pro does give advanced support should you need it.

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