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Hi. This is my first post here so i hope someone can help me out!

I have a big problem with the graphics card on my new laptop. The basic specs are as follows : core2duo 1.66GHz, 2GB Ram, Nvidia GO 7600 256 MB, 128 bit graphics running windows vista ultimate. Unfortunately, Im getting about half the expected performance from my graphics card. For example, 3dmark06 is around 850-900 (expecting 1600-2000), Oblivion is only just playable at 640x480 with grass turned off - even then, frame rates are down to single figures in many places!

I have tried everything that I can think of - my power lead is plugged in, all the power save options are turned to max performance, graphics card is set to max performance. Ive tried running ntune - clocks set to the normal 450/350, tried underclocking a bit (to make sure wasnt overheating or something), tried lots of different graphics drivers - now using 158.18 from this site. Installed the latest chipset drivers. I checked that the right number of pipelines were in use using riva tuner. Even tried reinstalling vista!! All with no performance increase! I returned my computer to the shop, and the same model there had the same problem - they insist there is nothing wrong with it, but I know I should be getting better performance with this graphics card.

Can anybody offer any more suggestions? Has anyone else got the same problem? (I heard some owners of the Alienware M5550 have the same problem).

Any advice much appreciated!

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Exactly the same problem here (m5550 user). Basically it's just that NVidia hasn't released a real Vista-native driver at all for the Go series cards. The drivers at Lv2go are better than NVidia's but not much better, seeing as there isn't anything even good to modify at the moment.

I've sent some frustrated emails to Alienware about it, telling them to get in contact with NVidia and get a real ETA on the Vista driver, but no response yet. Basically, until NVidia does something?we're screwed. If you dual boot into XP, that works, but that's hardly a solution.

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