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Geforce4 4200GO w/Samsung Monitor


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I have searched this site for answers, but am a bit confused about what I need to do to upgrade my drivers

I recently purchased a Samsung 971P monitor from Buy.com:


software: http://www.samsung.com/Products/Monitors/magictune/index.htm

Instead of having "buttons" to control features like Brightness, Gamma Curves, Contrast, Color Temp, Etc, It uses a software application that came with the monitor to control all of the functions of the monitor.

Once installed, it says that the software is not compatible with the drivers on video card, and upon contacting Samsung, they informed me that I just need to upgrade my video card drivers. I have tried the driver listed on the Dell site, but it is from 2004, and they say they don't have anything more current than that. The drivers on the nVidia website are not for the "go" version of the card, and do not work either.

My system is as follows:

Dell Inspiron 8600

nVidia Geforce4 4000Go Video Card (64mb, i think)

I do not use the system for gaming, the occasional DVD or video from iTunes or TIVO, but color is very important, as I use the system to support my budding Photography hobby.

I understand that I need to wipe off the driver that is currently installed, but am totally confused about how to find the most updated driver (I don't need to over clock it or anything like that) just one that will hopefully work with my system (as there's absolutely nothing wrong with this laptop...still in great shape). I am not sure what to do with the INF files, etc etc.

Thank you in advance.

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