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New drivers to resolve 1080p problem on Sony Vaio


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Great site. I'm hoping to apply the newer NVIDIA drivers to my AR21S laptop and resolve the jerky 1080i and unsupported 1080p issues under Vista.

I've read through the various facts and think I'm good to go from an install perspective, however it's not clear to me which drivers are the best fit for my GO 7600 GT GPU. I know your not supposed to ask this question, but the tables provided don't seem applicable.

I've narrowed it down to 2 where the modified inf supports my GPU model:

165.01 or 158.19 - what is the difference between these drivers?

Also, I notice that there are newer versions for each release but no modified inf files yet - is it possible to take existing inf's from an earlier release and reuse or is this too risky/not possible?



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Can't believe no-one on this site knows the difference between these 2 drivers ona site that hosts them. Bizzarre!

Anyhow, for anyone else with this issue I'll at least try and offer some help - I made my own inf and used 158.43 drivers. It didn't make any difference - still no 1080p!!

Re. jerky interlace mode, I applied MS KB 932469 and turned off Aero colour theme. It's still not perfect but much much better:


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