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House build, reason for lack of visits


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As in previous post, I've been extremely busy these last 2 months with the first and most likely last house we'll build.

The new house we're building is in a remote but beautiful corner of New Zealand.

The house we're renting while building has no phone connection at all, and Cellphone coverage is very dodgy at the best of times.

I goto work 100km away at 5am till about 12 or 1pm then drive back and work on the house till it's too dark.

Then we eat and not much later goto bed.

So this is the reason for me not to have spent much time at the forums of late.

Now, we've taken some piccies of the progress of the building from it's infancy (foundations) to just last week.

More piccies will be added later as they happen.

If you head on over here you'll be greeted with a direcotry off files, these are soted in date order.

These are some picces of the highlights of the build and some other stuff that went on at the same time.

The House locartion is in a very special place on this planet we came accross by accident.

I hope you enjoy them, and if you need more info just reply back here with the piccy number and I'll do my best to answer any Questions (I'll be away again from this weekend)

piccies can be found over here - http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/ohau/


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Impressive house, with and even more impressive view, Pieter! Congratulations!!


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Next week should see some major changes as the roof goes on and the windows go in, the cladding should also be making an appearance, all ofcourse weather pending.

I'll be back here to do what I do best from July onwards as winter will be well and truely here by then.

The inside of the house will have to wait till it gets warmer and funds allow :)

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Far out you picked yourself an alright spot there :)

Looks good... can't top those views!

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I just wish the time share vouchers you gave me are valid.

You want to put a roof on top of this skeleton... the snow should be there within a couple of months. :)

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I have only one word to say: AMAZING!

What an impressive view! What a house ... Back here we have a view of about 20m and than there is the back of another house :P

It's really an amazing place! It must be great to live there!

Succes building it up :)

Back to my studies now! I never thought that High School would take so much of my time :)


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