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samsung sens r55 go7400 upgrade to go-higher


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hey guys,

well tomorrow i will be decomposing my r55 laptop bought from korea. they told me this laptop was pretty much in the high end region, but i realized afterwards that my video card was not exactly how i want it to be. after a month later, those bastards release a better laptop with 8m series and that really pissed me off.

now i am thinking of trying to upgrade my video card which is go7400 to whatever that is possible for upgrade. hell, i don't even know if my laptop is mxm supported. but according to the tech sheet (http://www.zaigen.co.kr/upload/products/model/notebook_NT-R55/spec_pop_NT-R55A-W200(Black).html?SMSESSION=NO mostly in korean, but still important ones are readable), which has the same spec for a different laptop that has a 7600 on it, i assume that mine is upgradable (at least to 7600).

now my question is; if it is upgradable, where could my limits be? i mean, i assume the higher end cards will consume more power and will generate more heat plus the screw placings and such... is a great obstacle. all i know is that my laptop supports up to 90w of power and has a high possibility that it can upgrade to go7600 at least. i also assume that the heaksink is single piped (i saw 7800s and above require two pipes)

or maybe i should just wait for someone to rip 8m's from the newer laptops?

i will update this post later i guess.

(sorry for the long post, i have too many things in my mind plus time)

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Well, I never heard that Samsung had MXM notebooks, but then again: I never heard much of Samsung altogether :)

If you want to know for sure: pop the hood and take a few pictures/ But keep in mind you'd be voiding your warranty.

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well flip this it really pisses me off.

it's a one board.

there goes my dream out the window >_<

i guess i have to stay with this computer till next year and when SC2 comes out, i might as well buy a new one.

oh well. hope all others are having a better luck with their laptops. i am screwed >_<

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