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[Vista] Black flash at Startup and Ctrl+Alt+Del.


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Hey everybody. I have a GO 7600 GT ...Windows Vista

Ive been trying alot of different drivers for this card (orig/modded):

97.46, two sony supplied 98's (.13? and ? esupport.sony.com), 158.18, 158.24, and 160.03 modded

Worst so far: 160.03mod (Aero:5.6, 3d:4.?)

Best so far: 97.46 (Aero:5.6, 3d:5.2)

I havent tested using 3d mark or anything but I notice I got the highest Vista Ratings using the 97.46 and less random glitches overall.

I havent played but one game and it was using 97.46....it was jade empire...I was running at max settings for everything and it worked fine

except for the (DX10 running a DX9game) issues with sound.

The problem I have is when I start up I get a BLACK SCREEN FLASH midway through startup programs opening.

and when I hit ctrl+alt+delete to enter the menu thing I get a BLACK SCREEN FLASH before it pulls up.

It's happened with all the drivers above...but I havent used a 'driver cleaner' before loading all of them.


Any drivers that won't do that???

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