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looking for an Amilo's 6800go


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Hi there.

I'm looking for an nvidia 6800Go in order to replace mine.

As i'm not very enthusiast about playing with a soldering iron, i just need a basic replacement, not imperatively an upgrade.

If anyone got this type of card and wants to sell it ...

For my personnal information : is there a possibility to put a Dell 6800go card in my amilo ?

Thanks !

And sorry for my not_so_good english :)

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Dell cards won't work.

I can't offer you a 6800, but the 7600 is hassle free. Only tools required: a small screwdriver :)

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Hi Ice-tea.

Thanks for your fast response.

the 7600 is a good solution.

I was thinking that you did'nt have these models in stock :)

can you just tel me the prize and the way to order ( via paypal at your account admin@mxm-upgrade.com if i have understood ^^ )

I send you a mail ?

Thank you.

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Card received !

Many thanks for this fast & plaisant transaction.

Now I just hope that it will work fine :)

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Guest Théome


I've got an Amilo M4438G with a dead Geforce 6800en 256Mb.

Like i say, my card is dead! I just want to know if it work for you?

Is it easy to install?

And because i'm french, and i have a poor english :

J'ai pas tout suivi, c'est le même type de carte, ou il faut faire des trucs pour l'adapter au portable?

Ma carte vient de lacher apres 1an et quelques jours, je suis donc plus sous garantie :'(

Merci pour ta réponse j'espere que tu lira ce message!

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Oups, j'avais pas vu ce message... désolé.

Donc c'est exactement le meme type de carte, tres facile a installer. Il faut juste demonter l'autre et remplacer (une 10aine de vis).

J'ai juste eu un petit soucis de drivers arrangé par une re installation de windows.

Une nouvelle fois désolé de pas avoir répondu plus tot, on dira que c'est la faute des vacances :)

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