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GeForce Go 6150 - Blank screen after install and reboot


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I am trying to increase the performance of my GeForce Go 6150 by using drivers other than the ones packaged with Windows Vista. I have attempted this three times but each ended with a blank screen after the first reboot.

The first attempt was made with the 84.26 driver that I downloaded from this site. I installed it through the "have disk" method and it seemed to work so I rebooted the laptop. The loading bar was visible but when Windows was done loading the screen went blank. Normally the login screen would appear. I know that there was no freeze because the sound made when loading Windows still occurred.

The second attempt was made with the 84.25 driver downloaded from Guru3D. It was the regular driver distributed by NVIDIA so I let the installer extract the necessary files but did not use the installer to install anything. I replaced the regular INF file with the custom one from this site then used the "have disk" method to install the driver. It ended the same.

I tried a third time but unfortunately I cannot recall what the version of the driver was. The method was the same as #1.

I would include some info from NERD but the link appears to be broken.

What I would like to know is what drivers have been reported to have worked on GeForce Go 6150's or just GeForce 6xxx's in general. Hopefully this is a problem with individual drivers and not settings or something. If someone thinks it is, I would appreciate any input.

Thanks for your time.

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hey, i am working on the same thing so far i found out that in new version of bios you can increase dedicated amont of ram.

I instaled http://downloads.guru3d.com/downloadget.ph...ca1122d84ea5977 and it worked for me.

Also take a look on this site http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=3591

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