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We're one of the few remaining sites where guests can still post.

Slowly spammers are working around our defenses in keeping unwanted material out of the forums.

It's becoming avery time consuming issue now.

We need to do something, so here is your chance to have your say.

Do we leave it as is, just get over it and remove the spam that gets through the filters.

Do we not allow Guests to post anymore, fixing the spam problem, until they get pased the registration process.

The registration process, is it any good, we need as much info to be able to help you guys out.

Do we simplify it, or should the people that complain about the process just get over it.

Now is your chance to have a say, we are here for you guys so lets have it :)

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*runs away laughing*

Ah we should only allow Guest posts then ? :-P

*runs after Fabrice, with sly grin after checking link*

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There needs to be an easy way for fly-by-nighters to post.... so whether it's remove guest posting and simplify the signup process (ie- less compulsory info), or whether we just lump it and continue to remove spam...

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Actually the so called "compulsory info" is optional so members should not worry about it. I personally love the guest system. There have been tons and tons of forums I've visited where I would sometimes feel like dropping down some insightful information but for one post I would not bother to register. My first time here I posted a couple of guest comments but then I liked it here so I created an account. I say we leave the system as it is (or add more complicated confirmation methods in order to have guests post)

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Well, being an Admin on the Tweaks R Us Forums (and both sites use IPB)... Even if you DO remove the ability for guests to post, the spammers WILL still get through to register and post spam.

The only way to stop that is by manually approving each new member that registers, thus looking at their name, IP address, etc. That's been the only way we at Tweaks R Us have been able to remove spammers from the equasion.

Either way, there will be work involved, unfortunately. Having the more robust registration process WILL help with keeping spammers down, but they'll still be there.

Perhaps a "Guest" account can be set up, where Guests who want to reply to a topic can "log in" to a Guest account with a simple Username/Password (Perhaps Guest/guest). This COULD help keep the spammers down, but who knows.

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