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FX5300 Vs Xpress 200M?


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Hello there! My parents have a new laptop on order, and I have the option of having it for myself and giving them my current laptop, however I am unsure which is actually the better machine.

I currently have an Advent 7036;

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2600mhz, 512k cache, 400mhz fsb (desktop processor)

RAM: 512MB DDR 266mhz


GFX: Nvidia Geforce FX 5300, 64MB memory, 275mhz core, 500mhz memory

The gfx is now using standard clock speeds, despite once being able to acheive more. I've done this because the laptop has recently began to over heat alot, making 80'C while gaming a common sight. This causes one of my favorite games, Grand Prix 4, to crawl to a halt after half a lap of racing. and so I am strongly considering taking up my parents offer of having this new laptop instead.

This laptop is an Advent 7211;

CPU: Intel Celeron M 2000mhz, 1024k cache, 533mhz fsb

RAM: 1024MB DDR2 533mhz

HDD: 100GB

GFX: Ati Xpress 200M, 128MB memory, - I do not yet know if this is shared memory or not.

I feel that maybe both processors are pretty equal, the Celeron making up for its 600mhz loss due to its extra cache? Obviously the ram and hard drive space make the second machine more attractive, but I'm concerned about the graphics card. Does anyone here have an experience with this 200M card? Is it worse, equal, or better than my FX 5300?

I guess I shall be able to find out for myself soon enough, but would be interesting to hear your opinions. :)

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