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nHancer v2.2.0 is out


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This recovered item was posted on 2007-03-14

Version 2.2.0 of nHancer is available now!

Because of the problems with Vista's "User Access Control"-feature (UAC) I decided to make a major change to nHancer.

You won't see much difference, but internally nHancer is now using a Windows service to make all changes which require administrator privileges. The nHancer UI itself runs completely in a restricted user context. This way, nHancer avoids all problems with Vista's UAC and the autostart is also working again in Vista.

The service itself runs with administrator privileges. I have made sure that it doesn't add any security leak to your system by making sure that its functions are extremely limited and tailored to the needs of nHancer. It can only write the file windows\system32\nvapps.xml (the file where nVidia stores the profiles) for example.

The service is also completely passive, so even though it's running, it doesn't do anything as long as the nHancer UI isn't used.

Besides this big change, the new version contains a couple of bugfixes and some small improvements:

Compatibility with Forceware 100+ for XP added

Reintroduced the Supersampling modes (8xS, 16xS, 2x2 etc.) for 8x00 cards

Added all new Anti-Aliasing modes for 8x00 cards (32xS, SLI 64xS)

small bugfixes and improvements

A complete change log is in the Readme file.

And you can download the new version from the download page, as usual...

I hope you like the new version! Comments are welcome as always. Since the forum is still down (I'm sorry, but the move to the new forum is taking much longer than expected) please use the Contact page to write me your comments.

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