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nHancer v2.2.1 is out


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This recovered item was posted on 2007-03-15

Sorry to bother you again with another update of nHancer after such a short time. Unfortunately I introduced some bugs in version 2.2.0 which I released two days ago. Even though most of those bugs only appear on very few systems, I removed those bugs as fast as possible.

Here's the changelog:

Version 2.2.1

  • Bugfix: If the user selected another monitor as the primary display as detected by default, the nHancer support service denied access to the registry.
  • Bugfix: Due to a typo it could happen in some rare cases that the nHancer support service would deny to write the file nvapps.xml
  • Bugfix: On XP systems, the nHancer support service blocked system shutdown for about 20 seconds.
    On some systems the nHancer support service wasn't ready yet when the main program was trying to access it. Now nHancer will try to connect the service for 20 seconds before giving up.
  • Updated the polish translation, thanks to Tymoteusz Kuczyński.

Version 2.2.0

  • Changed nHancer to work without any administrative privileges:
    - All system-wide changes, like changing any of the various graphic settings or changing the file "nvapps.xml" are now done using a special nHancer support service.
    - This service runs with system privileges and can only be used by nHancer. It doesn't add any security risks, because its functionality is very limited to the specific needs of nHancer (it can only write the file nvapps.xml for example).
    - nHancer's own options and files are now stored in user local storage areas. Because of that, each user on the same machine can have different options for nHancer. Note that since there is still only one global place to store profiles and graphic options, those will still be shared over all users.
  • nHancer will now run in normal user space without any additional problem or message box, even if Vista's UAC is enabled.
    Because of that, Autostart is now available again in Vista.
  • The Anti-Aliasing category "Legacy modes" for the G80 has been renamed to "Supersampling". It contains all pure supersampling and the hybrid (combined) modes. It's also available all the time now, even if "Show experimental modes" is not active. The latest Forceware drivers (100+) supports these modes again, even though they"re still not officially supported by nVidia.
  • Added a new Anti-Aliasing mode for the G80: 32xS (2x2 SS + 8xQ MS)
  • Added a new SLI-Antil-Aliasing mode for the G80: 64xSLI (16xS + 2x SLI-AA)
  • Reintroduced 4xS for the G80 models
  • Corrected a bug which removed the OpenGL-compatibility flags for certain games. A shortcut has been added to nHancer's program menu to reset the SLI profiles for those games in case previous versions of nHancer have been used.
  • Correct driver version detection: 100+ drivers are now detected correctly in XP as well.
  • Improved the SLI detection for older drivers.
  • Replaced command line switches with a new nHancer.exe.config file, where it's now possible to force the following things:
    - Force SLI, QuadSLI or a Single card config
    - Turn on "Allow override of predefined settings" by default
    - Force a certain Forceware driver version (disabling nHancer's automatic detection)
    - Force a certain GeForce HW-ID. This can be used to force nHancer to offer G80 options on non-G80 hardware, for example.
    Refer to the comments in the file nHancer.exe.config for more details about these options and how to use them.
    The major advantage to this file compared to the old command line switches is, that they are also working with nHancer's autostart feature.
  • Corrected all the broken help links in nHancer.
  • Bugfix: The import of an nhprofile file (by double clicking it) caused a separate nHancer session to hang indefinitely with the additional effect that an already running nHancer would start to refresh once every second.
  • Corrected the problem when more than one nHancer instance was running at the same time. Now any number of nHancers can run simultaneously and any instance will update itself correctly if the user changes any option. Removed the code that prohibited to start nHancer while it was already running.

Download it HERE.

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