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Nvidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX Drivers?

Guest Alex M.

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Guest Alex M.

Alright fellow laptop gaming enthusiasts! I just purchased a new Alienware m9750 for a wad - however I need some help.

I have 2x 512mb Nvidia Geforce Go 7950 GTX's (SLI) in my Laptop - with the Nvidia 94.23 Drivers Installed.

The drivers are "ok" I guess, but I am a little slower than I would like to be on certain games (Lost Planet). I would just like to know a few things.

1. How are these drivers different from the official nvidia drivers that my manufacturer's website releases.

2. Are they safe?

3. What makes them so great compared to offical drivers?

4. Which one is the best and newest for me?

Windows XP


Video Card (Above)

Intel Duo Core 2.16 Ghz T7400 CPU

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Hey there fellow Alienware-er? lol....congrats on your purchase! -I despise you VERY much...because I just got my m9700 in Jan and now they pull this on it :-(

Anyhow, as far as the drivers -i'm not sure on which are the "best" but usually the stock drivers from AW are usually VERY good in performance. If you're running Vista, they came out with beta drivers from the AW site, but from here, it's basically pick and choose. I'm sure you're one of the few on this site with an M9750.... good luck and tell me how it goes :-)

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make sure you've enabled SLI mode in the control panel, then change the control panel settings from basic to advanced, scroll down and you'll see sli render mode, change this to split frame rendering.

I've also got an m9750 with dual 7950 GTX's, so far there are no other drivers available, and believe me i';ve tried. the new whql 162.18's from nvidia dont work (sli is broken and missing)

you;ve just have to wait with me im afraid :/

make sure your using split frame rendering tho, it makes a big differnence

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I did have 158.27 loaded but they proved to be unstable. I went back to 94.22 for stabilities sake. The appears to be few XP drivers over 100.0 that support mobile SLI. 165.01 supports it but it's a bit unstable, just FYI.

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Is it safe to enable split? I have single-GPU rendering right now! Is it risky - what is so great about it? :)

single GPU rendering means that your SLI setup is only using 1 card.... = waste of money

split frame rendering = each card renders half of each frame (the drivers actually work out an equal balance of each frame for each card so that each card has an equal workload per frame to maximise performce)

therefore split frame rendering means that each card only needs to render half the detail, which equates to half the workload which equates to double the framerate (in theory, in practice it can usually work out to around a 20-40% increase)

alternate frame rendering = each card renders one frame at a time, taking it in turns. this is bad for gaming as this mode introduces input lag. As each frame is passed to each card sadly it takes a little bit more time for this to happen so your input movements appear slightly behind.

for gaming the best and fastest SLI render mode is split frame rendering.

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