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Intel 3945 WLAN A band connect problems


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Dudes, now it's my turn to have a problem.

My Wife's Dell D820 has an Intel 3945ABG WLAN card.

Everything works fine with G band connections.

But I have just gotten a new dual Band Router, it can output both A and G simultaniously.

My Inspiron i9400's Dell 1500 WLAN card sees both A and G bands but the 3945 only sees G

Why would the 3945 not see the A band router ?

It works just fine in G, but I would prefer both lappies on A

Got me stumped.

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If you turn off the G output does it see the A?

You might have to manually turn support for 802.11a on yourself.

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Already tried that :)

If I turn G off then the 3945 sees nothing

There in no setting for just A, only A/G, A/B/G or B/G.

Wonder if draftn has anything to do with it, as it's a draftn dual band router and the Dell 1500 hooks up at 270Mbps

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I see now, the Buffalo dual band router uses 5180 - 5320Ghz Range, channels 36 - 64

The Intel 3945 uses 5745 - 5805Ghz Range, channels 149 - 161

Now it looks like I'll have to mod the Intel INF to fool it into thinking I'm in the US to hopefully get the missing channels.

Learning curve is steep.

Good channel reference is here

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Ha, found the culprit.

The Dell D820 comes with an Intel 3945ABG WLAN REV00 card

My i9400 came with a Intel 3945ABG REV02 card, but now has Dell 1500 WLAN

Once I swapped the 3945's over, the D820 has the REV02 card and instant A band recognition.

Now both lappies use A Band happily, Dell 1500 @ 270Mbps the 3945v2 @ 54Mbps

Printer happily uses G Band as does my neighbours Network and now I'm away from cordless phones for clean airwaves.

Looks like the Rev00 card is crap and only works with limited channels (upper A band)

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