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Nvidia Geforce Go 6800 problem - amilo m3438g


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Hi ,

I was playing BF 2 today for 3-4 mins and suddenly the games graphics frezes and all kinds of mixed textures and stuff like that happens. I was only in 56 ° ( i have a good laptop cooler ) and i know that the 6800 is NOT burned up becuse now with he 84.25 / 87.25 & even the 79.11 drivers every 2-3 sec i get a blackscreen .

Here is the problem :

- After reeboting the notebook ( after the XP screen ) it gets a black screen and returns to normal , every 2-3 sec . After 20-25 sec of doing this all the desktop starts to have graphic problems ( mixed textures , freezes ) and when i try to start BF2 i get a reset ! ( seems like a Hz problem - maybe )

I have uninstalled he drivers of the card and all those problems dissapear BUT i am limited to 800 x 600 and a very low Hz of the lcd screen ( seems something like 15 fps , an slideshow ) and off course i use my notebook as a 10 years old computer without my graphic card .

- I don't have this problem with the flickering when i reebot ( the Fujitsu screen and the Windows XP screen do have some vertical lines )

- i DO have the flickering problem with an exernal monitor - TV in my case )

REMEMBER iget the flickering and he vertical lines ONLY with he drivers installed ( ORIGINAL & NON-ORIGINAL drivers ) .

I don't remember well but i think he amilo m3438g has just 1 yer waranty ( correct e if i am wrong ) , i will call on monday to see if i am a luky 2 year waranty guy but i doubt that . In any case what graphic card should i buy for the m3438 , Is there a list of graphic cards that can be mounted on this baby ?

I was saying that i don't think the card is burned up because when a graphic cards burns up , you can's see nothin on e screen ( happend to me with the 5600fx go 1 year ago )

Sorry for the gramatical errors ( foreign here ..)

P.S - Is geforce GO 6800 ULTRA compatible with the amilo m3438g ?

Thanks in advance ,


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Guest eric hohbauer

Hello, i have exactly the same problem as you and i was not playing or doing something specific when the problem appears. For the moment, i was unable to find any solutions...even with a total backup of the drivers of the graphic card Nvidia.

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