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Upgrade advice Fujitsu Siemens 1667g


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Hello Mr. Tea.

I currently have a Fujitsu Siemens 1667g with ATI's x700 on it and I'm really pissed off i can't play Bioshock on it :)

So, what can I upgrade the x700 to?

Thanks in advance.

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Same like for M3438G. Easiest upgrade is 7600go. Probably you will not need any laptop modification for x1900 card too because 1667g got more massive cooler with faster fan. But will need some fan mod.

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By fan mod you mean that "little" soldering Ice-tea did?

And does the 7600go have pixel shader 3?

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The 7600 needs no mods.

The x1900 may not need mods either if the ACPI script can cut it, but the latest 'evidence' points to this not being the case. So: soldering is higly suggested. I refined the actual mod a bit, though..

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Hi there!

I just changed the card in my a1667g. a faulty x700 with a newer x700 coming from an alienware laptop. it works flawlessly but the fan is stuck to maximum speed and never stops or slow down. what can I do? I tried to flash the card with the latest vbios from fujitsu but the flasher stops and says my card can-t be flashed. is this the right way? is there a way to force the flashing?

thanks to everybody in advance

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