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Strange artifacts


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Before I go any further thanks to the guys who make the drivers available to us, without you it seems Sony would just leave me with the original ones.

I have not had my laptop for very long, only a few months, but I have recently encountered a problem which I believe is linked to the graphics card.

The problem is that I get strange artefacts on the screen. This does not always happen and if I restart the computer the problem usually goes away. The other strange thing is that the problem does not appear in screenshots, which led me to believe there might be a problem with the display.

I have worked out that the problem is linked to AA because when the problem occurs, turning AA on will make it disappear. Turning AA on is fine in some of the games I play such a Guild Wars but I cannot handle it on CSS.

I cannot remember if this problem used to occur before I updated the driver but think that it did not. I am using the 162.22 drivers.

Here is a picture of my screen when the problem occurs. dsc6058qm1.jpg

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Well it seems that updating my drivers to the latest beta set released for Bioshock has solved the problem. Would have been nice to get some feedback though.

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Sorry you didn't get any replies, but you did find the right solution. Those artifacts are almost always due to problems between the driver and whatever you're trying to run. That's part of the "fun" here - trying to find drivers that work.


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