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Getting latest laptopvideo2go drivers to work in Sager NP9260


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Hey everyone,

I'm new here and trying to get the latest drivers here (for Bioshock! :) ) to work in my Sager NP9260. The latest drivers on their site are from June and are the 94.22 set. I've got dual Nvidia GeForce Go 7950 GTX running in XP Professional in SLI mode.

When I run the download straight from the exe file I get the "installation can not find any drivers compatible" message and then it closes.

I tried to install them by extracting the files and then updating the graphics driver through device manager, but my specific model didn't show up as a listed device (there was no GTX) and when I picked a different one (like GT or GS I forget) it seemed to install fine but SLI was no longer an option at all when the system rebooted. My screen would also get corrupted after a few minutes requiring a reboot and that kindof freaked me out so I uninstalled them.

So is there any way to get these in and working correctly? I've never done this before so I need some hand-holding if you can manage it.

Thanks in advance!

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Do the Bioshock drivers have good SLI support? You may need to looks for some that support it.

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Hey Ice I'm not sure what you mean.

Well they're supposed to be designed to improve performance for Bioshock; unfortunately SLI disappears whichever driver I try to use because my model card wasn't visible.

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Ah duh, I just found those.

Okay I got the latest drivers to install, it loaded correctly and it allowed me to do SLI.

However now there's a different problem. Previously I was outputting the display to an external monitor. I know you can't run dual monitors in SLI mode but I was still able to use SLI and have the external display be the main monitor and my laptop screen was just off. However since updating the drivers, the external monitor won't work in SLI mode. If I change it to that monitor it basically seems to just ignore me. If I turn SLI off I can use either/or or both at the same time.

I'd prefer to have my external monitor run as main if possible since it's 22''. I'm going to try to see if I can get it to work with an earlier driver (any of them will be more up to date than the 90.whatever one that Sager's offering) but if I can get it running on the latest version that would be preferable.

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Hi there, I am new to this so please forgive me if I ask some questions that might be answered. May I know what drivers are to be used for 7950GTX SLI? I have 2 cards and running WinXP Pro SP2. Currently using driver version, forceware states 94.22. I get nv4_disp BSOD quite often when installing new software. Wonder whats wrong. Please help! Thanks.

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