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Overclocking a Geforce 8400M G ?


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my Asus Z53Sc has got a Geforce 8400M G graphic card. As I've seen on nVidia website the only difference to a GS is that 8 of 16 stream units are deactivated.

Is there a way to get them enabled under Vista Home Premium 32Bit?

NiBiTor 3.5 always causes bluescreens by reading the bios informations.

Thanks in advance!

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I think is not possible, the only thing u can do is Overclock :)

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you can overclock the GS to GT speeds, but the memory interface is still lacking (128bit for GT compared to 64bit for GS). Chances are the 8400 is lacking the 8 shaders, rather than being disabled. overclocking could help the G catch up to the GS, but there's no way for the G or GS to reach the GT, which maxes out at 512MB of RAM with 128 bit interface.

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You Cannot overclock if you upgrade to any of the 15xx or 16xx series drivers without flashing Bios. In my opinion it is better to stick with the stock 10xx drivers and overclock, than it is to upgrade to newer drivers without overclocking:

3DMark05 Scores:

158.22 - 2576

156.66 - 2587

163.16 - 2579

163.76 - 2642

101.28 (stock) overclocked from 400/400 to 425/460 (barely any overclocking) - 2722

I'm not sure if the overclocking problem applies to everyone on XP, but I know it applies to most people based on extensive forum research on my part.

If anyone has found a newer driver thats overclockable please let me know.

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