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Color Controls resetting with every reboot

Guest Austin

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I'm using the 156.57 official drivers, and my color controls reset every time I reboot my computer. At the windows login screen, it all looks fine, but as soon as I log in, the color controls reset to default. Anybody know why?

HP dv2000t

156.57 official

GeForce Go 7200

Windows XP 32-bit

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But i read that creating a customized color profile and saving it with any name solves it.

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The nvidia display driver service is what saves your settings. It sounds like it's not running on your system.

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Guest HippoGlouton


I have the same problem with resolution ? each time i Start my comp it uses the lowest resolution available, and i have to put back the native resolution myself.

I had a look at the task manager and nvsvc is running.

Any idea ?

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Guest CodeCaster

I'm encountering the same problem on my Asus A6Tc laptop with NVidia 7300 Go running Windows XP SP3 with driver 177.98 installed. Digital Vibrance resets to 100% every reboot. The NVidia Display Driver Service is running.

I'll try to narrow down what causes this problem.

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Try playing with different drivers. I had same problem using the 170.xx (i forgot). it went away with 179.14 now.

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