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FX3500M Drivers


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Hi all,

I've had a Dell Precision M90 for a bit now with the FX3500M Drivers, But when i go to Nvidia and go download Quadro Drivers, They totally neglect any Mobile version of the Quadro what so ever. I've noticed on here you have all the drivers and can use any with the modified .inf file.

What are peoples experience with different drivers with the FX3500M? I know its a bit of an obscure card but just tried the latest and it kept BSOD'ing on boot. Going try the 163.15 now as they seem to be the last ones that had success and have the FX3500M in the origional .inf



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What do you mean by the "latest" driver?

Try 163.69, it'll be a better bet than 163.15.

I think you're the first person I've seen on here with a FX3500M...

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Well i first tried 163.71 and basically when windows has nearly loaded, it freezes for 5-10 seconds and BSOD's. Same with the 163.67. I noticed the origional .inf file of the 163.15 actually contains the FX3500M already and have just finished putting them on this second. Working a dream at the moment. Teach me import from US wont it, Impossible get any support haha. But Nvidia's Webpage really should have updates considering they make the card!!! Very unsupported :)

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nVdia relies on the laptop manufacturer to release drivers for their own cards since some manufacturers require some weird settings.

I'd give 163.69 a shot though. It's quite a bit newer than 163.15 and supposedly has better performance.

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Well after a bit, 163.15 crashed in the Quake Wars Demo and seemed to be effecting the WLAN also. 163.69 is same as .71 so i've just reverted back to Dell's own (April '07) for now. Aint had any problems and it runs Adobe Production Suite/Resolume no problem. Also Supreme Commander @ 1920x1200 on full detail no problem. Same with Quake Wars with 8x AA/AF too. Just thought i might get a little more as im used to overclocking desktops :)

I fanyone as any advice though it would be appreciated, My specs are

Dell Precision M90

C2D T7600 2.33Ghz

2GB DDR2-633

Quadro FX3500M

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I have same system but haven't been able to find stable drivers other than what's on the Dell site. I'm extremely interested if anyone has found non-Dell drivers that work.


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