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accidental nvlddmkm.sys fix

Guest bicrazor

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Guest bicrazor

I have been plagued by the dreaded nvlddmkm.sys bug until today.

Yesterday i downloaded the GPU-Z_V0.0.5 Video card utility and ran it and it showed i had a different driver than what my device manager said i was running.So after quite a few attempts and updating the drivers in device manager i still found that this program showed a different one was loaded.So i installed and then proceeded to delete every driver i had on record.

Once i did that i downloaded and installed the 163.74 drivers and wow the nvlddmkm.sys bug has not showed it head at all in the last 12hrs which is a miracle compared to the 5 to 10min i would normally get before the laptop would blackscreen.

So thanks to this site and this utility you made available it fixed this bug accidently for me,many many thanks.

Asus c90s

6600 2.4mhz intelcore2 clockable to 2.93mhz

8600 gt 512meg card

160gig 7800rpm hard disk

3gig of ddr2 667 ram

vista ultimate 32bit

When will the 8800m card be available for this laptop am eagerly waiting for its arrival

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Congrats on the fix!

No idea when the 8800M comes out though, sorry.

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