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NVidia 7150M Vista 32 performance problems

Guest HP user

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Guest Fusion Shaun

like every one there, I have the same problem with this laptop.. and I feel like beating the s*** out of my laptop its that bad... even with the tweak, its still bad, I rather use my Dell desktop that has a 7300 LE thats better than that POS thats in my laptop, I'm thinking of putting XP on my laptop and or put up with it tell I can get my hands on a better one next summer.

if anyone knows how to fix this problem.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

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The 7300LE is considerably better than the 7150m or the 'POS.' In my opinion, XP is a requirement with the 7150m. Vista is more trouble than its worth with that card.

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i also have nvidia 7150m /630i but i can't install the latest display driver. i'm trying to installed nvidia display driver, it say program only run for vista 32 bit system but im using vista 32 bit. i have use driver cleaner but not working, because when i restart my computer will install standard vga graphic adapter as my display driver

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You must use the modded inf.

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Guest Guest Midookie
Just got offline with HP. He suggested to downlaod this 3rd party codec to fix full screen video playback for Vista OS. I must say, it does work. I am now 100% satisfied. No tweaking or moding. You can get the codec from this site: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/vista_codec_package.htm

So no mods needed with the regedit mentioned above?

I too have the same problem with the NVIDIA 7150m/630m with HP dv9815nr. My system indicates it has no video memory. Is it because of the Powermizer thing? And when does it share the 1071mb of memory like it says it does? And can someone tell me what the correct version of its driver as of today is?

Thanks in advance!

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Guest marduk191

This registry hack works fine. It's not always in the same location as described though. I used regedit and clicked Edit, then Find, and entered PerfLevelSrc. It showed the entry. I read back in the registry hive to make sure it was for my gfx adapter and changed it as stated before. Worked like a champ. Too bad Dreamscenes have such poor performance reguardless though lol. I am using an HP Pavilion designated dv6000 on the monitor and designated dv6700 on the bottom. Wich is actually a dv6809wm found via the warranty sticker on bottom. AKA HP Pavilion dv6809 lol. Crazy HP numbering BS but none the less it works on all hp systems running the 7100m with power management and running vista that I could find (Tried 12 HP laptops I found around town). This scenario is why I did not (and cannot) post a point and click registry patch. I cannot confirm any other brands or OS as of yet. If I can later I will update this post as it's #1 on google and people surely hit it a lot.

P.S. I'm not known for proper grammar I just posted to help other that may find this lol.

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Running Vista Home Premium, 32bit.


AMD Turion 64x2

and the Nvidia GeForce 7150M / nForce630M

And have had multiple issues with the graphics before. And by issues I mean it crashes. The whole computer.

Gotten the BSoD 70% of the time it crashes.

And one time updating the drivers is what made it crash.

I reformatted last weekend, and things were fine before then and apparently I had changed something before I cannot recall.

Crashing only happens when playing a video file. No particular file format that I've noticed.

Help? O_O

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Guest Philippe

HP and NVIDIA released a new version of the driver Net result my 3D performance went from 3.0 to 2.6! I am no technician but just going through the various posts leads to a credible explanation: the NVIDIA chips overheat on many HP laptops (to the point that HP has extended the warranty to 24 months on some models, but not on mine) and that they took the easy way out by just slowing the 7150 clock or so it seems. It may (repeat may) also reduce the freeze/crash we got when playing long DVD's or videos. Time will tell but it is certainly not good news for gamers!

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I purchased an HP DV6627ca notebook back in November, and for a while couldn't stand how slow aero performed. I came across a registry hack online not too long ago which remedied this problem. I can't remember where I found it, but just wanted to clarify that I don't take credit for creating it.

What this hack does is basically force NVidia's Powermizer feature to be disabled when the notebook is plugged in, and yet continue to save power when on battery. The jerky aero performance can be attributed to powermizer engaging even when the notebook is plugged in, and aero for some reason does not disengage this. Powermizer downclocks the GPU automatically in vista to 100MHZ to save power, and this is why aero runs slowly. After I changed the registry setting below, aero works as expected and DVD's perform flawlessly!

On Vista change the registry key PerfLevelSrc from x'3333' to x'3322' with regedit. This forces the GPU to run at max when plugged in, but allows powermizer to still work with batteries.

x'2222' will keep GPU at max on batteries or mains.

The registry key is found in:

\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\Video\{**unique to you for nvidia**}\0000\PerfLevelSrc

Hopefully NVIDIA remedies the problems with powermizer in Vista in its drivers soon! In the meantime, hope this fix helps!


Thanks a ton mate

I have an hp dv 9601au

with vitals as under

amd turion 64x2 1.7ghz

160gb hdd

nvidia 7150 nforce630m video card

2 gb ram (after incr by 1gb)

it has a hopeless wei of 2.6

lemme see if the perf improves after your hack

thanks anyways

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Guest Stanley

hello there.

first, I want to say sorry because I bring up again this topic, but I'm curious.

after a driver update, my scores plummeted from 3.2 and 2.6 to only 2.0 and 2.3 in WEI, but Flight Simulator X played fine with no lag using the same settings before the update.

I'm also using the GeForce 7150M, so I want to know what had happened here.

sorry for my not perfect english, hope you understand.

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