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White flicker in games


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Hey everyone, aside from my pink hue on external monitor problem posted in the Support forum, during games, I'm noticing that theres an almost undetectable white flicker. This doesnt occur on the desktop or in movies, just in games. I dont think its framerate related because the games I tested with are running smoothly, theres just this smooth white flashing going on. Has this occurred with anyone else, or does anyone have any suggestions? Jeez, sometimes I think about kickin this thing out the window and buying an XBOX, where performance is someone else's problem... Thanks, Titan

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well it would help to post what video card and driver and pc you have because it really depends on just that. If you have an old monitor with a new video card this can happen,, also if you have overclocked too much it can cause this problem... anyway here are my solutions:

1. try other drivers

2. if your monitor is old, get a new one

3. if you overclocked, tone it down a bit

thats all i can tell you based on zero information. whats game is it happening in?, how old is your pc?, what video card do you have

for all we know your running duke nukem on a pentium 1 with an intel GMA graphics cards... if thats the case, then little white flickers are the least of your problem.

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