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Drivers problems with nVidia GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M


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Hello, I'm having some problems installing drivers for my video card I've tried the drivers 156.65 and 156.66 with the same result, I have installed the drivers using the setup.exe from the drivers and the have disk method and both gives me the same result while installing the driver my pc restarts and the only way to use windows again is by using the restore tool, after that it says that the problem was a Blue Screen I want to ask anyone who has a the same video card if they could solve the problem

My pc specs are:

Acer Aspire 7520

C67_DEV_0533 = GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M

I dont know which version of driver im using, its the one that came with the laptop

Windows Vista 32 bits, but I could change it for a 64 bits

I attach the NERD log but while using it it gave me some problems so it could not be accurate

thx in advance and plz forgive me for my english


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hey im having a similar problem at the moment! i tried to update my driver, but now i dont have any driver and i cant seem to install any drivers at all!

have you solved your problem, if so howd you go bout doing it??


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I tried this and it worked better than with the one that came with the laptop, not great graphs, but better

Right now I managed to put Win XP on my laptop, and I couldnt get the same version, does anyone knows where to find it for XP?

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Guest Laptop Builder


For the ACER 7520 Series notebooks that come with Vista, you need to use the NVIDIA GeForce 7110m/ 610M XP driver located here:


Make sure you use the 156.55 version as it will work properly for the ACER Aspire. This PDF also includes many other XP drivers - all in one location.

I made the duel boot option for XP and Vista work using these drivers for Xp and VistaBootPro.

Good luck!


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Guest Radament

Guys I came up with a solution how to stop this damn pesty BSODS. The thing that is causing BSOD actually isn't Display Driver it is our Sound Driver Realtek working with EAX ingame. This is easy solvable by either not using EAX or updating to newer Realtek version.

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