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Desktop corruption fix for installing drivers (VISTA)


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First off, before you try install new drivers do what everyone does and use driver cleaner and then ccleaner. You should locate the INF file in the original inf zip that contains information to your video card. You can check your video video card device ID in device manager but if your lazy you can open up the inf files and scroll to the bottom and see if your card is supported. Then delete the inf file and replace it with the one that contains your card. Do not use Petier's modded inf if you are having display corruption after like one minute. Use the inf that contains your video card. Now that inf probabily does not have the correct resolutions to your monitor, best thing to do is look through the other infs and see if you can find one with the most correct resolutions. (just do your math 16:10 screen have res like 1440x900 and 1920x1200) It will start with HKR... when you find the good one for your screen copy it over the inf that originally support your card erasing the HKR... stuff in that inf. After that you shouldn't have any more problems with that display corruption on desktop. One easier way after restarting to tell if u did it successfully is see if aero has everything enabled already when your stuff in the taskbar is still loading. If windows hd flashes a while and stuff before fully enabling aero than it didn't work and you did something wrong and the display will get all corrupted in a matter of minutes or seconds.

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I have a 8400m-G but have never had any of these problems? (though i am testing every single 156.xx and 163.xx release from here...)

But then again: I don't use driver cleaner i just re-install and let the Nvidia installer do the upgrade (the way it was meant to be)

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These problems are usually associated with people with g7x cards as most the newer video card already uses the default inf file so there won't be any problem. The thing is most if not all g7x cards are not on the default inf file and sometimes just adding them to force it to install will cause these corruptions.

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Thanks A LOT for this pieter,

Unfortunatly, it is not a perfect fix.

It will help some of the time, ie.. I can use rivatuner or ATI tool to monitor the clock speeds and some times when the frequency is reduced to 2D mode everything will be fine, but just as I was typing this response, I have had it go to 2D mode 4x and each time it has given me a corrupted screen.

I also have the other "fix" zzpulp figured out with coolbits, and have both enabled in the inf (I have a 2500M but doesn't hurt to have them both).

I modded the inf for the 156.66 drivers (the nvlt.inf file).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OK, now the corruption has happened 10x as I type this now.



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