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Issue with SLI/GeForce Go 7950GTX and latest v163.75 drivers


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I'm having a bizarre issue that I can't figure out how to solve once I installed the latest 163.75 drivers from this site.

In every game using SLI mode now I can visibly see the two cards working to render the games. The best way I can describe it is a really hideous flickering of the frames like a strobe light or something; black bars run across the screen and the game is basically unplayable. I have tried switching between AFR and the other mode and that doesn't really fix anything. I first noticed it in Oblivion.

The OEM drivers my laptop manufacturer offers doesn't have this issue, but they're pretty out of date and since I'm in Vista I was hoping to be able to use the latest ones from this site.

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about or have any idea what's causing this or how to fix it? SLI mode in XP and with the older OEM drivers works fine (though there do seem to be some game incompatibility issues with the OEM drivers and SLI, another reason why I was hoping to use the ones from this site) so it's not my card. If I roll back to the older OEM drivers Oblivion plays and looks fine.

The only other drivers I have tried to use from here were the beta Bioshock ones, and if I try to put the card into SLI mode I get my first BSOD of Vista. :)

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not sure if i should create a new thread about this but i am having a problem updating my 7950GTX "properly." So i acquire the latest drivers offered in this site but as i am going through the install process, for some reason my monitor shuts off and i can't see what's happening and then my laptop freezes. So what i do after that is hold the power button to turn it off and when i turn it back on my display seems correct and i check the device manager and the cards seem to be detected and "properly working" but i want tp play it safe so i am not so sure about that. I have heard about this "Have Disk" method and i was wondering if that would be a better way to avoid this problem. thanks.

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