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NVIDIA GO6800 BIOS Please? AMILO 3438G Problem


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Could someone please help me with the newest Bios for the Go 6800, or point me where to find it please?

I'm trying to fix the current problem. If anyone knows why this advice would be appreciated.

Hope someone can help.

The Nvidia 6800 card accepts the default windows drivers, but when i install Nvidia (And I tried various versions) till it gets to the point to install the driver, the screen turns black.

The only way to reboot is by hard resetting as the screen turned pitch black.

I did make a breaktrhough with Omegadrivers.net, installing drivers from there.

When it came to installing the driver I actually got to the NEXT and Finish button. Only when i restarted and it booted up,did the screen go black.

I re-installed Windows - SP 2.

Could it be I need to install XP SP1, then the drivers, then update?

Could it be the Controller drivers?

Any suggestions why this is happening to the Go6800 card? Any fixes, or drivers you could recommend to fix this problem?

I've installed XP now a few times without any success. Only thing I can think of is it must be the bios settings?

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Thank you.

I've downloaded the bios and flashed. However I still have the original problem.

Once I load a Nvidia driver I get a black screen. Any ideas or people having similar problems?

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