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Go 7900gtx and Crysis


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Just downloaded the Crysis SP demo and WOW!

I was wondering what kind of performance others were having. I was going to pick up the game without a thought until I read some the other posts regarding Crysis performance on laptop cards, so I figured I'd better try the demo first. I have the specs to the left (overclocked) and am running 163.69 drivers. I dialed down the shadows to low, particle, water, shader, sound and volumetric effects at medium, but set everything else to high (res. 1152 x 864, no AA). Using the in-game (console r_displayinfo 1) FPS tool it seems to running around 30 fps and looks awesome. It will run in the 50's occasionally, and around 15 during cutscenes or in heavy foliage. Of course, who knows how accurate the in-game benchmark is but it looks smooth-most of the time. Yes, there are occasional jerks and the rivertuner hardware monitor tells me my card is cooking at 90 C.

Anyway, just curious to see what others were experiencing. I'd like to hear positive feedback please, so if you have a better spec'ed lappy and just want to complain or accuse me of lying, save your fingers the typing. Be happy to answer any questions though.

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I have Clevo M570U, T5600 2GB Ram and GO 7950 GTX unlocked (still the king of Mobile cards), I could play most 2006 games maxed out at native 1680x1050 such as Oblivion, FEAR etc. but now games get to new levels, such as Bioshock and Crysis.

I haven't played Crysis yet, but 7950 GTX can handle Bioshock at decent quality (except the issue of loading times)

Using 169.01 Vista 32bit

Cheers !

Using Clockgen to overclock T5600 and rivatuner for my Graphics card !

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Excellent. Glad to hear that other peoples computers do work! That's nice that you can overclock your cpu. Toshiba keeps that locked down as far as I know. I wish I could try because I think my cpu probably has some headroom. How hot does your rig run with both cpu and gpu OC'ed? I think I heard that Clevo's handle heat well.

I can't run Bioshock at full settings and native res.(1680 x 1050) without some stuttering. It runs well at 1280 x 800 max'ed out though. I usually am willing to settle for lower screen resolution if can max the eye-candy. I was worried that I wouldn't get either with Crysis. I suspect that the 512mb vram allows for the high texture settings. The 7900gtx is a great card, but lets face it, its based on a 2.5 year old gpu. That's what, 50 yrs in computer part time?

Anyway, download the Crysis demo. I'm not usually a big fan of demos (hold out for patched versions months after release) but Crysis will put a smile on your face and remind you why you blew such a huge wad on a high-end laptop

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