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GeForce Go 7300 Graphics Lag


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I am playing games such as Cabal and such and my GeForce Go 7300 is underperforming. I am getting somewhere around 10 FPS. Before I was getting an average of 30. I haven't been able to find an update for this driver for a long time, the latest one was July 13, 2006. I was wondering if someone could provide a site to download the latest patch, if available, or if they could show me some way to enhance the performance.

Thank you.

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use driver 156.73 but don't use modified INF with it! cause its WHQL and supports GeForce Go 7300, with this driver i had no problems, i recommend it :) or u can use 169.04+modified INF wich i am having now,& i dont see anything problems but i have some strange lines on pictures when i surfing on web, with Crysis demo a have better FPS with 169.04, cause its driver for Crysis & Timeshift. hope i give u some advice! :)

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Hey guys,

I am having trouble with Call of Duty Airborne and Bioshock. Thought this laptop should be able to run it ok, but it chops alot unless at low settings. I downloaded the 156.73 driver and the nHancer software, but they still chop out, just now CODA blacked out the screen with looping sound and I needed to restart. Is this laptop just not good enough to run them? I tried both in vista and in xp but its about the same. Processor is a 1.8 Turion (64bit, but running the 32bit operating system)....

any ideas, or am I doomed to last years games?

thanks in advance..


you can email me at quadrascot@hotmail.com if you have any ideas

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Hey good news, though it solves my problem with Call of Duty Airborne, I just wanted to share with anyone else that has the same set up as I do. Vista 32bit, Asus K6m, GeForce Go 7300, 1Gg DDR Ram, Turion 1.8Gb processor.

I downloaded the modded INF and the 169.04 driver set from this website. Works great, I have been slowly increasing the graphics detail and so far no real lag.... so maybe the GeForce Go 7300 doesn't have to go just yet.... well until FarCry2 comes out....

good luck

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Guest zombidik

Hey Quadrascot,

I have checked your signature and have seen


Asus A6Km

· 1280x800 (WXGA)

· (01D7) GeForce Go 7300 / Quadro NVS 110M


· VRAM: 256MB

· VBIOS: v6.14.0011.5673

· AC Power: laptop

and also checked Mad89Max

· Asus A6KM

· 1280x800 (WXGA)

· (01D7) GeForce Go 7300 / Quadro NVS 110M

· VRAM: 256MB

· VBIOS: v5.

· AC Power: 90W

I am also a user of A6Km with the same GPU specification of Mad89Max. Just upgraded CPU Sempron 1800 32bit to Turion 2000 MT37 64bit.

I just wondered if you had your GPU bios upgraded or not.

If you did an upgrade in your GPU bios, could you post the link for your present bios.(v6.14.0011.5673)

Warm regards,


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