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Asus G1 GF GO 7700---blinking all the time!


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this is my first post here :)

I bought in April a Asus G1 laptop, and it came with a GF GO 7700 inside.

it came whit windows vista ultimate.

since the begining the monitor blinks!!! :)

in my understand the thing that was causing the problem is the drivers of the grafic card!

i´ve tried every drivers!!: V7.15.10.9802-from Asus teck site - 163.67 - 163.75 - 169.01 - 169.04 all for Vista 32 Bit........

at first everything goes well!but after some time, gues what...STARTS BLINKING AGAIN!!!

somebody that has the same laptop, have this problem??

i´m thinking that maybe the problem is not the drivers but some other thing...

i´m going to complain at Asus store!!I did not pay as much money for a laptop to be changing every day! the card driver!!

some recommendation??

thanks a lot


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Did you uninstall the previous drivers? Extract the updated drivers to a empty folder and replace the moded inf, and install

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