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not really about driver but?

Guest bamboo

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hello, the real problem is the output in HDMI in TV in all mode so i dont really know if its a un update problem or an uncapability from me or my tv

ok so when i had try my new CG 8600MGS in my full hd tv with HDMI output i had a problem of resizing the image?in fact with any resolution possible the size of th e wallpaper change but not really the size of a window opened the window is always too big and none of my atempts in adjusting the configuration really changed the fact.

so i tried all the resolution from 800*600 to 1920*1080 no really change i gained a bit but by example i cant see the close buton in the upright of the windows when the window is in fullscreen mode (i didn't thought my tv could accept all that resolution but it did?)

i tried the option in nvdia control panel like the resize type (like nvidia or else...) no change work i tried all the options possible and nothing change the size?

with my other pc i could do it two years ago with a TI4200 and now the driver not resolve the problem?

in fact here is the question that everybody who knows be pleased to help me

is that a problem of driver? TV?Admin?

please help

WINDOWS vista 32

core2duo 7250


8600M GS

pilote 01/05/2007

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