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Problems with Quake 4, GeForce Go 7300, and Vista


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I installed Quake 4 recently on my laptop. When I try to run it, I get an error... Unsupported video card/driver combination or something like that. Apparently it had something to do with Vista compatibility. So I patched up the game to the latest release, 1.4.2. Now I keep getting the following error, "Texture compression unavailable" even after trying different sets of (modded INF) drivers. Is this OpenGL related? Doom 3 didn't work when I installed it a few months ago either.

Now I'm afraid of buying Enemy Territory: Quake Wars 'cause it might not work either. :)

Strangely, Quake 3 and other Q3 Engine games began to work on my laptop (after replacing the OEM drivers with the modded INF ones). Hrm.

Anyway, my computer's specs are in my profile.

This is the console log:


--------------- R_InitOpenGL ----------------

Initializing OpenGL subsystem

...registered window class

...registered fake window class

...initializing QGL

...calling LoadLibrary( 'opengl32' ): succeeded

setting to: 640 480

...calling CDS: ok

...created window @ 0,0 (640x480)

Initializing OpenGL driver

...getting DC: succeeded

...PIXELFORMAT 10 selected

...creating GL context: succeeded

...making context current: succeeded

------------ Input Initialization -----------

Initializing DirectInput...

mouse: DirectInput initialized.

keyboard: DirectInput initialized.


...initializing QAL

...calling LoadLibrary( 'OpenAL32.dll' ): succeeded

...checking for ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT: succeeded

...shutting down QAL

...unloading OpenAL DLL

...initializing QAL

...calling LoadLibrary( 'OpenAL32.dll' ): succeeded

...shutting down QAL

...unloading OpenAL DLL

sound: STEREO

X..GL_ARB_multitexture not found

X..GL_ARB_texture_env_combine not found

X..GL_ARB_texture_cube_map not found

X..GL_ARB_texture_env_dot3 not found

X..GL_ARB_texture_env_add not found

X..GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two not found

X..GL_NV_blend_square not found

X..GL_ARB_texture_compression not found

Fatal Error: Texture compression unavailable

Shutting down OpenGL subsystem

...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success

...deleting GL context: success

...releasing DC: success

...destroying window

...resetting display

...shutting down QGL

...unloading OpenGL DLL

--------------- BSE Shutdown ----------------


Shutting down sound hardware


Texture compression unavailable

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