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A Solution to Toshiba Satellite P100's


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I got a Toshiba Satellite P100 (2GB RAM, 512MB 7900GTX, 180GB 4200rpm HDD) notebook around 6 months ago. It came with Vista Home Premium.

As we are all aware that this notebook suffers from regular hiccups, during which fps drops to 10-20 for 1-2 seconds, I read so many forums and tried so many drivers. It's useless.

The most straight forward way of fixing this is to, or at least what I did was, dual-boot Windows XP. The hiccup problem is totally solved.

However, I have been suffering from a problem that I don't seem to see on other users of the same notebook. (Hereonafter, all games are run on Windows XP)

When I run certain games, e.g. Guild Wars, my screen goes blank followed by sound loops after playing for a while. I first suspected that it was overheating.

I went through all the overheating prevention and fixing solutions, but to no avail. Then, I realized when I run CS:S, Race - WTCC, Oblivion and a few other games,

before the GPU even got to process anything, the blank screen occurs, i.e. when I load a game from the menu and once it's done and the game starts, it crashes immediately.

There basically is not enough time to let the GPU suffer from overheating. (what's worse, CS:S crashes upon successfully loading the menu)

Then, I suspected it's gotta be the graphics driver. I tried all sorts of drivers, but they didn't help. To put this short, what does not crash upon loading menu/saved game, will

crash eventually probably due to overheating.

Finally, I've came by another solution. nVidia's Powermizer. I turned it off. The blank screen does not happen anymore. All of the games played fine. No crashes at all.

But you see, another problem came up. On the description, it says when Powermizer is disabled, graphics performance will be maximized at all times. Contrary to what

it has described, when I turn PMizer off, my GPU frequency dropped from 500 to 300 MHz. So now, I can only resort to having lower performance but better stability.

Sorry for the long post. Hope this will help some people out there that are having the same problems.

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