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MXM on a MSI GX710


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I have an old craptastic Gateway with an X600 (128mb) video board, ATI based, of course. And, I do not want to touch an Intel Core machine, especially after LaGrande technology and the huuuuge Errata list that leaked out.

I have my eyes set on an MSI GX710, which is listed as MXM compatible. But, let's face it, ATI Graphics drivers for linux suck. They suck bigtime. Has anyone tried sticking an nVidia module into this laptop?

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Guest Darksurf

Linux runs great on the MSI GX710. Just download the latest graphics drivers from ATI. They are much much better than they used to be. They've gotten a whole lot better since AMD bought ATI.

Wireless card is an Atheros 5007EG though. Meaning right now the only support you can get from this card is through ndiswrapper if you use x86_64 versions of linux. Then the 32 bit is experimental. so ndiswrapper is most used right now.

the ath5k module is working on getting support for this card right now. I've yet to get the bluetooth to work, I'm sure there is a way to do it I just haven't found out yet. And I don't know much about webcams so I've yet to see if it works.

Other than that, sound is AWESOME, Graphics are GREAT, and it quenches my need for speed! you can get a pretty decent GX710 at frostycomputers.com thats where I got mine.

I Love this laptop.

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