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Driver downloads won't work in IE or FireFox


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Is there a reason why I cannot download any version of drivers from this site with either IE or FireFox? I even tried at work and I cannot. It keeps directing me to the download page, even if I go to the forum post with the download link it still sends me to the driver download page.

Am I the only one or am I missing something?


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Since you are a logged in registered member there is no reason it shouldn't work. (I think only members can download now, but I'm not sure)

Make sure you have cookies enabled in your web browser, or re-install if you keep having problems.

Your ISP could be to blame, especially if they are Comcrap

I just tried downloading 169.04 from the forum topic and it works just fine for me. I bet you are having cookie problems.

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I'm having the same problem, which I initially noticed last week. When clicking a download link in FireFox I'm taken to the driver listing page. Cookies are enabled in Firefox.

However I just noticed that in IE 7, if you paste in a download link (I'm trying http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/nvidia/160se...6375_vista.exe) then you are also taken to the driver listing page, but if you then click on a download link on the drivers listing page you can download.

Neither of these work in Firefox though.

Anti-leeching configuration problem?

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It could be an IPB problem, you could ask Teraphy about it. We just upgraded to a new version recently.

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