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Gears of War Copy vs Gears of War Original


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Gears of War Copy vs Gears of War Original

Hi there. I have downloaded the Gears of War ISO (from a warez web page) which I installed and launched successfully

however the game freezes verry often and I have to restart the laptop. The same happens to the TimeShift game.

I know that there are some people who have no problem running it.

Would the same happen to the game if I had bought an original Gears of Wars game ?

Is there any differance between an Original Game and copied game when it comes to the performance, stability

and playing quality >?

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It's probably not a good idea to talk about pirated games here.

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i agree with the other post about illegal software discussion.

Im certain the game will run on your laptop, but i higly recommend buying this game, because any bug in the game will get fixed overtime.

This bug probable only appear, when using your pirated version. You can always ask the merchant for any information about the retail version.

good luck

P.S.: if your problem still exists with the original *bought* version, try updating your drivers, if they arent already.

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I am not encouraging anyone to download copied game or download them.

I try to have a discussion about them and that is something different.

And also my post is not about getting any help or support as to any pirated games.

This is what makes this forum different from warez forums.

As the above guest mentioned you can see that people are even encouraged by this post to buy original games.

PLus I bought the game today.

PS: Guest_Guest_Charlie_*_* watch your words.

PS2: I hope the mods share my views, if not let me know wht your opinion is, and if you are against it just delite the post. Thanks

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