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Help ..for god sake help! My Inspiron1520 driving me nuts!

Guest alesandro

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Guest alesandro

hi you all ..

inspiron 1520 .. centrino 2.2 duo geforce8600m GT, 1g DDR2, vista ..

IT'S horrible!!

my problem is that my notebook plays PES6 amazingly good, plays QUAKE 4 great, so for LOTR ..

but NFS Pro street takes 15 min in LOADING between menu and game start, and after it finishes don't even ask!!!!!

so for THE WITCHER 30 min of load and then it takes me another 10 min to get the menu to exit the game !!!!

.. and many other games .. i didn't even try to download CRYSIS ..

I tried to download the latest driver, but it doesn't install with notebooks!

the new driver i got is the one that my laptop automatically downloaded, and don't even know what version!

Guys, you are my last hope of making things right.

If i couldn't fix this, i'm selling it in a sec ..

so please .. anyone with any idea no matter how silly he thinks it is .. write it down.


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You will *definitely* need more RAM - NFS ProStreet lists 1GB as the minimum, and it's 1.5GB for The Witcher. 2GB should suffice for most games, and you can easily get it on Newegg for under $50 ... or 4GB for ~$135 (might be a good idea for Crysis, etc).

As for the NVIDIA driver, the v156.69 from MS works well, but 169.09 offers better performance (download HERE, extract the driver files to a folder and copy the "modded INF" there - OK the overwrite prompt).

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Guest alesandro

Thank you very much for replying ..

I toke your advise >> i added another 1g of ram .. so now i have 2g DDR2 ..

I just got my notebook back and I'm downloading the driver from your post ..

I'll let you know how it comes out ..

again .. thank you for replying to me =)

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